Jun 14


Jun 13

i know i shouldnt started that.

i know i keep hurting myself.

i know

May 22

Falling apart.

what should i do?

this feeling won’t fade away.

sometimes i feel like i should fight for you.

But why should i if you wont do the same?

Ya Allah, i can’t describe the pain in my chest every time i saw your name or picture on the screen.

those feeling never changed no matter what i do.

i really hope you are happy now.

i hope i can find my happiness too.

someday, i guess.

May 15
you probably knows where mine is.

you probably knows where mine is.

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Back to pieces

take care too.

Wear enough clothes and don’t catch cold,Nazrul.

Feb 11

Just stop.

Stop being good to me
Don’t be good to me anymore
It might be better to be cold to me
Or ignoring me might be better for me
I let it go, telling myself that its just a habit and busy my day
But I think about it again and again as if I took a picture
I don’t have the confidence to kneel my knees and be hurt by love
If you have other thoughts than me, if you have different thoughts than me.
If somebody asks you who I am, introduce me as just someone you know
Just in case you have the same thoughts as me,
if you happen to have the same thoughts of me
I wait again and again.
I am a fool in front of love again.
I cling to you again, like a fool.

Feb 3

damn it. T..T

Why this song at this moment.


Feb 2
“Honestly, I don’t need someone that sees what’s good about me. I need someone that sees the bad and still wants me.”

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“Real friends never bring you down, they help push you up.”

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(via icanrelateto)

how are you?

are you doing fine?


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